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About Us

Smart Kids Tees was born in 2019. Each tee is hand drawn and edited. The idea came from my children, or at least was inspired by them. Having a love of art from a very early age, I pursued that passion through my late teens and 20's. Life catches up to youth and the responsibilities of marriage and children put art on the back burner. 

One seemingly random week with a rare day off, I decided to join my children in their weekly art class. I paid for one class and sat at a child's size easel, while a very enthusiastic 20 something made me draw basic shapes. She made me go back to the beginning and reminded me to use my whole arm while drawing. Some what annoyed, I complied. Within that hour and fifteen minute class I was taken back to a place I hadn't visited in a long time, a space in my own head of peace, creativity and calm, that had been buried with the pressures of adulthood. 

As often as I could, I took that art class with my kids. I slowly started to see art from a whole new point of view. Not the angsty struggle of early adulthood, but the quiet peace of a post 40's mother. Colors, form, shapes, shadows and hues, all seen from a new perspective. And so.....Smart Kids Tees was born and is dedicated to my children, who helped their mother rediscover art all over again.

Happy drawing,

Kimber Aubin